Tubes or stick with S/S

Right now I have some Cornwall III's that I am happy with. Driven with an McIntosh MC 7106 that works quit well. I am kicking around the idea of buying a PrimaLuna integrated amp, any suggestions? And replacing the McIntosh.
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"Note that Dennis Had's amps are almost unobtainium"

See the link posted above. Brand new 300B FireBottle SET for $2K, plus shipping. Looks like a nice piece. Audio Nirvana also has a 300B SET for $1595. Haven't heard either.
I have a friend who has the older version of the Cornwalls and I’ve heard them extensively driven by a VTL IT-85 and First Watt J2 (using pre-out from VTL) and we both agreed the J2 sounded much better. Another option if you decide to stay with solid state. He had a Line Magnetic integrated before getting the J2. We both felt the J2 sounded more balanced and less fatiguing especially at higher listening levels, contrary to our expectations.