Tubes or SS for B&W Matrix 805

What would be a better match and what specific amps?
I sold a freind a pair of 805 Matrix III's and he went first with a CJ 45 watt and now uses a Cary SLI-80 which beacuse of his smaller room he uses it in triode not needing the full 80 watts in push pull mode.He listens to some occasional punk rock but 90% of his listening is with jazz so tubes work for him.You have the basic trade off of less rolled off highs and tighter bass with SS but the joy of those little gems you have is in the mids and that's where the tubes will do there thing.Add a fast pitch accurate sub like a used Vandersteen down the line with a tube amp and you can ultimately have your (bass) cake and eat it too.What were you thinking of intergrated or seperates?New or used?Bang for the buck a used Rogue,VTL,Cary or VAC intergrated would be the way to go.
I've sold the 805's on a retail level over the years, and my experience with them is that they need more power than 80w/ch tubes can dish out usually! To push the soundstage and dynamics, higher power seems to work better on em, even tough they have good sensitivity and are an easy load.
My preference on them, for the money, especially, is a solid state amp and tube preamp! That way you get some tube majic with solid state control! Also, the speakers are a tad warm in the upper bass/midrange area, so all tubes tends to not help this reigion.
Good luck
Lthkeepr is right, B&W Nautilus can be a tad warm in the upper bass/mid region. My B&W 803's are driven by a Melos (tube hybrid) preamp with the (Stereophile Rec Components Class A rated) Musical Fidelity A3CR Power Amp. Incredibly tranparent musical and detailed.