tubes or ss for amati homage

Thinking of buying Amati Homage. Have only listened to them with ML amp. Has anybody heard them with tubes ? I notice its sensitivity is 92db. SETs perhaps ?

Best amp for them will be Spectral and Goldmund .
ONLY extremly fast amps need to apply.
Forget the tubes on them. Don't even thing about SET.

Any questions let me know?
Good luck
I disagree with the above post. I have listened extensively to them with solid state and always become extremely fatigued. I would try them with a good neutral tube amp. The speaker is so beautiful, it deserves tubes :)
These speakers sing with tubes! I have heard them with the BAT 75W monos and the Atma-Sphere MkI's. In comparison, ML 33H's with these speakers sounded ho-hum. Sure, the latter were "faster", but who cares about fast if they do not play music. I agree with Jtinn unreservedly, these monitors demand tubes. My preference is to avoid low output SETs because of their bass deficiency.
I have heard these speakers with Wadia Powerdac, Krell monblocks and Cary monoblocks that cost $40K. It was done in the same demo room with Wadia 27/270 and to my ears, the Cary was best.
Try an 845 based tube. The Bel Canto SET40 could drive those speakers with ease and preserve the delicate nuances of the music. A good PP tube amp would also work well.