Tubes or SS Amps for ML Requests

I recently purchased a pair of Martin Logan Requests and I am on the hunt for the best amp(s) for the job. I would like the
warmth of tubes but the authority of solid state. I've read many reviews and comments, and now I'm a little confused.
What are people using on their Requests? And Why? I would like to spend around $3k-$4k on used equipment. Please Help!
I am using a BAT VK500 solid state amp bi-wired. Tried a few other solid state amps and walked away with listening fatique. It will drive the Request with no problem and has a warm sound as close to tubes as you can get. The bottom end is the best I have heard out of my request. It also fits well within your budget.
Tubes for top & SS for bottom if they can be biwired. or go Tube all the way !
I own a pair of the new Martin Logan Ascents which are equally as good as the old reguests.(as stated by martin logan I have never dont the comparison who cares) And I use a Mark Levinson 335 which handles the bass better than anything I have yet to try. Tubes on logans?(NO WAY) The older series logans have a problem with the bass intergration to begin with and I dont feel tubes would help that.You need a really clean and fast amplifier on those speakers. Some people swear by krell, they say its a match made in heaven I disagree. I found the newer Levinson gear to work wonders on the Logans but thats my findings you may have a diffrent view? The Levinson amp in your budget would be the 334 @ 150 watts into 8 ohms per side and 300 watts per side into 4 ohms and so on. They sell for 6,000 new and they are about 4,000 on the used market or maybe cheaper if your lucky. Good luck with that amount to spend you will have a nice amp in your system shortly.
I don't own a pair of Requests, however, I have had some experience listening to them with both solid state and tubes. My conclusion: I recommend tubes, especially the ARC VT 100 Mk. II stereo amp.
Tubes really sound great with the ML's. However, the more
power you deliver, the better the bottom end sound.
I originally drove my ReQuests with a CJ 11a which worked OK
then I went to CJ 8a's (cj 11= 70wpc 8a=275wpc)the difference was nite & day.
driving mine with a ML 334...ultra xl biwires....they sound pretty good to me...I've always heard , and very much enjoyed the levinson logan combination...just to put this in perspective...I liked the Quad esl 63's and spectral gear...they had the same transparency and midrange 'yum' of the logans...just lacking the bass available on the ReQuests