tubes or SS?

I'm in the market for a new amp and cd player. 2-channel music is where I have been focusing my research lately, but I don't want to to compromise my HT either. Seperate systems is not an option.

I'm wondering how tube amps (pre or intgrated) work in HT?

I like the tube sound, but wonder if I can get it for music by adding a tube cd player thru a SS amp?

Anyone know how the hybrid amps like the Jolida work in HT?

My speakers are Soliloquy 5.3, with the center and surrounds following soon.

I have a Yamaha RXV-995 receiver (100x5 DD,DTS) right now.
Not sure if anyone makes a 5 channel tube amp. It would be enormous and generate LOTS of heat. You could use 5 monoblocks, but that would take up lots of room and require 5 sets of ICs from a pre/processor. You can do something with a HT pass-thru so you can have semi-separate systems. Try a search on HY pass-thru or separate/combined systems.
just take your main system and build around it. use tubes for the fronts ,and use an add on integrated to run center channels and rears. most dvd players have two sets of outputs. i have two extra systems run like that. it sounds great. 5 channel tube amp, sign me up. just use your two channel when listening to tunes. you already have the yamaha. dont ruin your audio system by making it video.
AES/Cary makes a 5 channel 300B integrated tube amp called the SE-5. It has 7 w/ch and weighs 41 lbs. It is $1995 as a kit or $2395 assembled. You can find a description at by clicking on Products, then Kits, and then AE-5 Five-Channel Single-Ended Amplifier.
Get the Kora Hermes Tube DAC - it works great with ss and tube amps on CD sound.
I may have just talked my fiance' into seperate HT and music systems. This is of course assuming that the cost doesn't get out of hand.

Since I have the yamaha and a good DVD player for HT. I could use my Soliloquys for music only and invest in 4 small monitors and center for HT.

I would still need an amp and cd player, but this would atleast give me a little more flexibilty.

back to the drawing board...
If you are less serious about the HT than the two channel you could use Gallo Micros for the additional HT speakers, or all of them for that matter. They are round balls (the size of an orange) which come in various colors and which can be wall mounted with the supplied brackets. They are pretty much invisible as far as the decor goes and I feel that they are fine for HT. They also make both passive and powered subs which are very small. If your HT receiver has enough clean power NHT Super Zero's might be another option. They are also small, wall mountable and available in white (if the walls are such).
thanks, I've seen those speakers before in magazines, I believe. I think got a few months atleast before I make that decision now. The next purchase will be a Soliloquy C3 center channel and a cd player, followed by an amp of some kind. Last will be my surrounds or a better sub.

I had surrounds in a previous set up and liked the effect, but I can live with just the front 3 for now.