Tubes or solid state for Sonus Faber Grand Piano

I own the Sonus Faber Grand Piano Domus Speakers and am using the McIntosh MA6900 Integrated amplifier (200 WPC). I have an opportunity to buy a McIntosh MA2275 Stereo Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier rated at 75 WPC. Will the GP Domus sound good with tubes? It has been my experience that the GP Domus requires high power to sound good and I am concerned at using 75 WPC. Will bass response be a problem with tubes? I noticed a huge sound difference when I switched from 50 WPC to 200 WPC. Please send me any comments and suggestions you have? Thanks..
the ma2275 is one of the few tube amps i would recommend for any sonus faber speaker. the mac is incredibly neutral and have tremendous grunt for its rated power. like all macs, the bass is articulate. as good as the 6900 is, the 2275 is one of the best all round integrateds period. great phono section too. lots of good tube amps won't drive sf's effectively, the the mac will.
I own a 2275 and awaiting a pair of Ushers, current speakers are 87 db Audes and 84 db Ascendo E's on loaner from the distributor. The Mac has been amazing, of course both speakers have pegged my mac, but its done a great job in my huge listening room. I cant imagine them having any trouble with the SF.
I am operating a MC-275-IV into a pair of Sonus Faber Concertos with great results. Although the Concertos are smaller than your speakers, I drive them to quite loud levels and am delighted with the results. I use a REL Stadium III for the very bottom end.
With 90b efficincey 75 watts is fine for this speaker. I have heard 90db speakers with 8 watt 300b tubes play as loud as you would ever want.

The mac will be fine.
hgeifman: I am thinking to build a similiar system, just wondering if you got a chance to listen to mc352 and the c2200 (tube pre). If yes, what do you think of them. I got a chance to listen to the c2200 at my local mac store when Ron/Mike hosted the event. I really enjoyed the sound; huge soundstage; not as detail (don't know if it is the right word) compared to all tube.
jabo: interested to hear your opinion on mc352 and c2200 with the SF GP Domus.
I am stillconfused about a basic concept: if one wants to play music at a moderate level, does the wattage produced really matter? I have the Sonus Faber Home Editon Grand Pianos with a 55 watt Nakamichi RE-2 and concomittant tape deck and cd. I am reading all the comments of you more experienced guys as to power, tube, ss or integrated, and I still don't know whether I would notice the difference if I upgrqade. Does the tubevs ss or power accordingly make for better reproduction ofviolins and operatic voices. Not trying to be facetious, I really don't know. Please help a newbie, thanks Alan
If you want bass wamping sound then high power SS is in order. If you want sweet midrange magic with a softer more tubuy bass then the Mac is the ticket. If you want a combination then pick something in the middle. The GPH's will show the colors of the amp.

I auditioned the GPH's with both high power SS and the 275 before buying GPH's and IMO the 275 had a slower more romantic sound to it then SS did.

Btw, I prefer slightly higher power tubes if that helps. I went with a VAC PA100. IMO, the best of both worlds.

P.S. Also tried a VTL ST-150 (in home) and found it too SS sounding for me. Too much power? I dunno.
I have Sonus Faber Home Grand Domus & love them. I have them with a Cary rocket 88 witch is only 20 watts in triod / 30 in ultra-linear. I dont feel I need more power. It is a nice combo. The Cary replaced a Mac MC-402.
FWIW the folks that own Sonus Faber in Italy elected to buy Audio Research; that should tell you something :) Sonus Fabers sound great with tubes.
Go for the Tubes. I have the Stradavari's, and I listened on Mac SS before I picked up the Mac pre 220 and Mc2102 Tube amp.