Tubes or Solid State?

I'm looking to replace my solid state Musical Fidelity M2si integrated amplifier that I've been using as a preamp with a dedicated preamp. I have been considering tube line stages from Maple Tree, and, Van Alstine and the LSA Hyperdrive Preamp/Headphone amp. I am also looking at the SPL Elector MK2 which is solid state and a bit more money.
The tubes are supposed to be warmer and the SPL is supposed to be absolutely dead quiet. 



Class A solid state for amplification (I prefer integrateds for simplicity, space & cost savings), paired with tubed ancillary components, such as phono stages, dacs, etc...Sugden, tavish design, Ear and border patrol come to mind. 

Many years past, I carried out numerous Tube vs SS as Amplification , as a Phonostage, Pre-Amp' and Power Amp.

The Outcome being I become a user of SS Phonostage > Tube Pre-Amp' > Power Amp's

More recently over the past 5-6 Years, I have revisited the Comparisons and had demonstrations of Commercial and DIY Built Designs.

The Outcome being I have now been introduced to Tube Phonostages that I now own, as well as, SS Pre and Power Amp's I would happily own in place of a Tube Amp.

My expansion into Digital (I am a very late comer to the party) has the Outcome that I have selected a Tube DAC over a SS DAC.

There are some good DAC Comparison Demonstrations on the near horizon, so this attraction to Tubes might get realigned. 

It’s all in the implementation….

It’s all in the implementation….

That thing about tubes being warmer is more of a myth with todays tube amps because companies try to win end-users over with their analytical, open sound. Then it can be ear fatiguing for some after a while. If anything, more of the solid state gear is warmer and more rolled off due to a lack of separation in various forms of music. Solid state often has thicker, rolled off sound until you get into the really high end solid state.

@rankaudio earlier in this thread someone suggested I get an LTA Microzotl MZ2 pre amp- headphone amp. At their website they say basically the same thing you do.They claim the "warmth" of tubes is actually a type of intermodulation distortion caused by transformer hysteresis. They claim their ZOTL (Zero Hysteresis Output Transformer Less)  technology is a way to eliminate this "warmth"
I just might get one them if the price is right.