Tubes or S.S. for Thiel CS 2.4?

Hi all.....I was hoping you all could give your opinions about a seeking out a new amplifier for the Thiel CS 2.4s. I'm currently building a house which will have a dedicated library/listening room about 18 X 23 feet. It will have hardwood floors, but plenty of bookcases/furniture. I currently am using a Classe CA-100 in a smallish room, and they sound great. I don't listen very loud, but this will be a new, larger room and the one component I would like to move on to is a new amplifier.
My thoughts/questions were concerning power output of a lower wattage tube amp vs. a larger solid state amp. Ideas running around in my head were amps in the price ranges of the McIntosh MC 352/MC 401, Classe CA-300, etc etc while tube amps I've thought about inc. those like BAT VK 75se, McIntosh MC275 etc.. in those power/price ranges.

What do you all think? Tube or S.S. for these speakers?
Here is a link for you-

Have run MC275 and MC602 with Thiel 2.3's. For Thiels the McIntosh solid state amps would be my pick.
S.S. for Thiel CS 2.4.
As a Thiel dealer and 2.4 owner, I would recommend high current, high power solid state. Plinius work exceptionally well with Thiel. Simaudio works great with Thiel. I would stay away from class D, and try tube BEFORE you buy with the speakers. I am inclined to say the BAT would work nicely, but have not heard the combination. Older Krell class A designs are a great match also......
If I can help feel free to contact me.
SS: Pass X350.5, BAT VK600, McIntosh
Consider tube preamp and gold cables with SS.

Tubes: BAT VK150SE perhaps.

Are you thinking of adding a sub?
MC352 would be my choice hands down. I heard one on a pair of 2.3s and it was fantastic. Mc and Thiel have some sort of special synergy that is hard to come by otherwise.

Thiel and Jeff Rowland showed together at the latest CES.
Pass Labs X350.5 or Krell FPB 400 cx should be at the top of the list.
I have the 2.4s and they are wonderful speakers. I can't make up my mind as I switch back and forth, depending on my mood, between CJ CAV50 tube and CA200 solid state control amps. I tend to favor the CA200 simply because it has 185 WPC and provides better top and bottom extension and dynamics, but there are times when those tubes provide that certain sweetness. They are not hard to drive but do respond to high quality, high power and I agree the Krell 400cx would probably work very well. Now if I can just get off my butt and hook this pairing up I'll comment on that set up too. After 6 months they are still breaking in and getting better so please be patient with them regardless of what you settle on for an amp. The bass especially has gotten much better, fuller, clearer and more extended.
I may add a subwoofer in the future, but right now, a new amplifier is probably the first step. I know listening volumes don't tell the whole story, but a lower power amp can be acceptable if you don't crank it up. I currently have a Classe CP 47.5 preamp, and my normal listening level has the vol. usually no higher than 5.0 to 6.0 (I think it goes up to 30 on the scale). Basically, I don't listen very loud at all....that's what I was thinking when I brought up the tube amp question. I just can't help but wonder what I may be missing with tubes since most of my listening people would think is really on the quiet side. The other reason is that since this will be a new, bigger room, I'm wondering if my habits will change?
I asked about the subwoofer, because it may fill the room better and relieve some of the power requirements on the 2.4. Perhaps the SS3 with its built-in amplifier will allow you to continue with your current Classe amp and to experiment with some tube amps.

Thiel is usually very helpful with these type of questions.

Good luck.
I've had the chance to hear the 2.4s with several amps. I prefer the krell, followed by Ayre, Mac and Pass.
Absolutely solid State amps!
I suggest the Parasound Halo JC1s
I have used 2.3s for several years now. My current listening room is 16x21 with two large openings.

I have used the Bryston 4B-ST and the Plinius SA-102. From the Plinius I went to the Rogue Zeus and haven't looked back. The Zeus now has KT-90 output tubes and was rated at slightly over 276 watts when last tested up at Rogue.

Tubes or SS, as long as you have quality power and are happy with upstream components and other gear, you'll enjoy yourself.
Look for a Butler tube/SS hybrid. Thiel uses the Butler amp at their factory. Check out the review in
Thiel actually was using an older Krell solid state at the factory when I was there about a year ago.
On the Thiel brochure you can easily see a Mark Levinson N°53 (or the old N°33) just apart the Thiel 2.4

My cent!
After about six months of break in on the 2.4s the bass is loosening up and is now extending quite nicely. I don't have any perception that I need a subwoofer now, though I can see how one could want one when they were new.

These speakers DO need considerable break in time, but they do extend nicely in the lows and really move considerable air. CJ CA200 still nicely powering them.