Tubes on Sun Audio SV2A3

Dear users of the SV2A3,
The 6SN7 on this amp is the 6SN7GT. According to the tube table, 6SN7 isn't a subtitle of the 6SN7GT, but have you tried? Also, the 5692?
The rectifier is 5U4g and I know 5AR4 is the subtitle, did anyone try using 5AR4 on this amp?
I used Mullard GZ37 and Sophia 274B as rectifiers with good results. I was most happy with 5U4G. I think it was a NOS Ken-Rad. I had also used Phillips, RCA, and Sylvania 6SN7's with good results. The best thing that I tried with that amp was good NOS RCA 2A3's. The Sophia 2A3 globe mesh tubes also were nice.
Dear all,
Sorry for the typos made. Not "subtitle", should be "substitute"!
Thanks Chris, but the 6SN7 you used, were they just 6SN7 or 6SN7GT?
Have you considered the VT-231 variant of the 6SN7? Good stuff.
Thanks, I'll. But the VT231, should it be RCA, or Sylvania, or Ken-rad? I think I have seen all three before.