Tubes on Proac 1.5's

Hello, I am currently using a Classe 15 on Proac 1.5's and would like to try out some tubes. Can anyone give me their opinion on the following, and how they may differ from my Classe.
VTL mono 125's
ARC VT100mkii
Rogue 120magnum
any other suggestions
I own two different ProAc monitors [1SCs and Tab 50 Sigs] and run them with different tube preamps to a solid state amp. I like this combo very much.

However, many people seem to think ProAcs perform best with an all tube set up, specifically Audio Research gear. I heard this combo at the last CES in Vegas and it was quite nice.

ProAcs aren't a particularly difficult load to drive, but they aren't easy either, so with the exception of low powered SETs you should be fine with most tube amps.

It really depends on your musical tastes and preferred listening levels.
Used Rogue Magnum 120. Absolutley great match. Affordable This speaker needs alot of current and headroom.
I am using a An Audio Research VT 100 MK II with the Proacs 3.8 and I love it. I was orginally using a Bryston 4B ST and thought it sounded harsh with these speakers.

I just borrowed an older Sonic Frontiers 40watt tube amp and my wife and I are stunned by how much "percieved" power this amp has. The Classe' is more refined with more bass slam but the tube sang along really nicely.

I must learn more......

Thanx for the replies
I am using a Sonic Frontiers 80(KT-88's) and an Audible
Illusions pre, I love this combo. My speakers are the Responce 2. What I noticed a real help is a subwoffer. I do not know how much room you have aviable, but if you can stick a decent sub in the corner it will make the music bloom.
The bass is really quite acceptable with the sfs 40. Now I don't know which way to turn.
I haven't heard the Classe with the 1.5's but I have experience with other Solid State,Hybrid and All tube integrates with the 1.5's. While I believe they can sound great with ALL TYPES....I much perferred the all Tube KT 88 amp. The tube amp seems to just open the 1.5's like I have never heard before. More natural sounding, fuller midrange, just more addictive sounding. This vaccum tube thing is awesome!
I don't know a lot about the different tubes and it's really great to hear these many opinions. I'm leaning towards a VTL MB125 mono setup.

While some of you mentioned KT88's I need to know if this is just a tube swap for EL34's (sorry REALLY green here!)
I have owned 1.5's for about 2 years. I pair them with Krell 300iL integrate and some time with CJ PV-12AL / MV-55 tube system. Both are great with 1.5's. For vocal and jazz, I prefer CJ with 1.5's.