Tubes in VTL SuperDeluxe Preamp?

I would very grateful if someone could advise whether these are the right tubes for the VTL SuperDeluxe Preamp:
4 x 12ax7
2 x 12au7
2 x 12at7 (6201)

If so how are they configured in the preamp (i.e which slots do they go in?)

It would be great if someone also had a circuit diagram available!

Thanks in anticipation

You could call VTL at (909)627-5944, or e-mail(,and ask about a manual.
I can not tell you that but I had the Deluxe and it was quite good the Super Deluxe should be a keeper!
I have a Super DeLuxe and the Tubes are as you have listed them from back of the Unit to the Front . So , rear 2 sockets on each Channel 12AX7 . Next coming from the Rear 12AU7 . and , the Front Tubes on each Channel are 12AT7 .

I hope this helps
Tubeo, that is extremely helpful. Thanks everyone.