Tubes in VTL 2.5 preamp

Anyone found the best combination of replacement tubes for
the stock tubes in their VTL 2.5? I'm considering the Amperex BB Holland for both 12AT7s and 12AU7s. Any others
I should considered? All answers appreciated. Mark.
I have an older 2.5 that uses 6350's in place of the 12AT's. Since owning the amp I've retubed three times, while trying a variety of different tubes. To my ears I have found no significant difference between the stock tubes and the others. I think the magic of the preamp is in the circuit design. Let the wrath of the tube rollers begin.
There are a couple of VTL TL2.5 threads in the "Tubes" forum.

I think the member's name was "paco" who did some pretty extensive tube rolling. Some recommendations I remember are:

- The Amperex you mentioned.
- Philips miniwatt (made in Holland)
- Mullard NOS (made in UK)

He has some others there as well.

I also have the VTL TL2.5 that I picked up in November and am quite enjoying it. It powers a new Bryston 3BSST and the combo really works well together.

My dealer has some Mullard NOS that I'm thinking of buying ($40.00 ea.)

Have fun.
I've had my TL2.5 preamp since new in '97
It's an early one with 12AU7's & 6350's
I ran a couple sets of JJ's that VTL sells.

I ran a set of Amperex Bugle Boy 12AU7's for the last 3-4 years. There was a significant improvement over the JJ's.

I just got a set of NOS 1959 Telefunken long plate 12AU7's. Another significant improvement over the Bugle Boys. Improvements are soundstage width, separation. Huge improvement in timbre - drums & cymbals.

I've just installed them today & started listening to them but it is a pretty huge improvement.
I owned a VTL 2.5 for a few years, the 12AT7/12AU7 version. Over the years I rolled a bunch of NOS and new tubes thru the device and it never made an appreciable difference in sonic performance.