Tubes in the Dark?

Here's a question for all of us tube-o-philes (all SS patrons are welcome to snicker to your heart's content...). I was fortunate to be able to put together a dedicated listening room and one of the attractions of it is that I can make it very dark inside, even during the daytime (only one window and I have it covered tightly with sound absorption panels). I have always preferred listening with my eyes closed so as not to distract my auditory images with confusing visuals....AND I LOVE the glow of tubes in the dark... especially power output tubes on my mono-blocs... I'm sure thousands of fellow audiophiles just uttered to themselves "Me too"... Now here's my question, : I have recently acquired a tube amp with the output tubes in the back (which will be used [for bi-amping] in addition to my other amps), and therefore not readily visible/on display as my regular amps (CJ Premier 12's)... would you do what I've been doing lately and actually turning the amp around backwards just to enjoy the magnificent glow they make into the room (the additional amp features 4 glorious 300B output tubes). I'm actually thinking of building my own stand for it such that it would hide all the visible I/C's Spkr cables and power cord...just to make it extra "neat looking" while the lights are on during off hours.... Am I being too extreme? Where would you draw the line? Let the wires show and who cares? or turn it into a custom made temple of form-fitting eccentric looking glow-in-the-dark glory of audio bliss... Call me a 'deep-end swimmer' if you will, but you really need to see it to appreciate it. Just my 2 cents of thought. Thanks for any input.
Will you be my new best friend???????

Do you like to drink red wine? Pinot, from Oregon perhaps?

Am I getting ahead of myself?

I can envision a mirror setup maybe 10" X 14" you could slide up to the back of the amp. You could get creative with a hardwood base and some brass rod from a welding shop maybe? Angle the mirror slightly forward until the tubes are in clear view from your listening position.

I could eat up a couple of weekends working on such a project. I think mood lighting is very important when listening to music ... I have a couple of neon lights in my little man cave. On rainy winter nights I get a fire going and flip on the neon. Couple glasses of vino or a few good NW beers and I am ready for tunes.
Tubes are fascinating devices to look at for sure.

Nothing wrong with a nice presentation.

Sunlight is much healthier though (in proper quantities).
I have always preferred listening with my eyes closed so as not to distract my auditory images with confusing visuals....AND I LOVE the glow of tubes in the dark... especially power output tubes on my mono-blocs...

A bit contridictory wouldn't you say?
There is a simple way to justify placing the amps so you can see the tubes: You could have a "runaway tube" situation where one output tube starts to glow bright red. You need to see the tubes so you can jump up and shut the amp down ASAP. See, because of this, you absolutely must place the amps so the tubes are in good view.
try closing your eyes and imagining the tubes are reconfigured to the front. See what happens?
Used to have mirrors on the ceiling of my bedroom. Now I have them on the ceiling over my kitchen table.... Gotten old I think...
The mirror idea crossed my mind more than once but setting them up to be reflected at just the right angles to go over the main transformers and all which is basically 'boxed' in front of them would be tough. I actually have a tentative design made to cover the wires, as described, but now that the cooler weather is approaching here in the northeast I have limited hours available to do the physical cutting/drilling/painting etc as I do not have an actual workshop...I do all this work outside...
The biggest part of it being the time....
Horseface: I agree with the mood lighting... I have colored lightbulbs in sconces throughout the room as well as in track lighting accenting over the speakers and amps. I also have colored rope lighting at the bases of the speakers highlighting their shape as well as colored spotlights from the back of the room and more rope lighting on the ceiling. All of this is used in various combinations or not at all... (especially when I just want to settle in and enjoy the tube glow in the dark).
BTW: Tpreaves: yes, I know that statement sounds a bit oxymoronic but I thought you'd get the idea that when I do open my eyes during the "lulls" or whatever... it's nice to see the tubes.
Hifiharv: I agree! For safety's sake we need to have quick access in case a tube runs rampant!... Thanks so far.. everyone
Lots of kidding here but when I listen with friends or by myself I always turn the lights off and just use a flashlight. If I am with a customer when I do this I always make sure I am wearing my wedding ring...

I am just not so good about closing my eyes, though I know a lot of listeners do. I tipped over a really nice glass of Oregon Pinot with my eyes closed so it is not for me.
I can understand how those wine glasses with their high center of gravity can be precarious in the of the reasons why I use low, wide glasses for my vodka concoctions...don't want to spill a drop of that, especially as the night wears on...
As for my original question, I think I will be building some sort of stand with the tubes designed to be's still literally in the drawing-board stage but I've been putting together materials and will hopefully get to it before it gets too cold. I've been needing to update my system pics for awhile anyway (I now have the Duetta Sigs, no longer the Mini Grands) and I want to show the new room since then too. Thanks for all the input.
Solid state fan , now . Snicker , Snicker . Saw your system link though , very nice . I stopped drawing the line years ago and never looked back . As far as tubes or S.S. go , Its not the means its the results that count to true music lovers . Have a great day .
I have 3 separate power supplies for some components, they use a couple of Mercury Vapur Rectifiers in each.
Now that is a site to behold at night,nice blue glow.
I know how you feel, I always listen with my lights off. :O)