Tubes In Preamp Power Supply...or Not?

Two tube preamps:

The Audio Research Reference 3 has a total of six tubes. Two of those tubes are in the power supply. (2004)

The Audio Research LS27 has a total of two tubes. The power supply is solid state...No tubes in the power supply. (2010)

The LS27, according to Audio Research, outperforms the Ref3.

The LS27 is six years newer, though smaller and 13 pounds lighter.

LS27 tube complement: (2) 6H30 dual triode. (Hybrid JFET/tube audio circuit, solid-state power supply).

Ref3 tube complement: (4) 6H30P dual triodes, plus (1 each) 6L6GC and 6H30P in power supply.

All of the Reference models have tubes in the power supply.

Whereas the LS27 outperforms its bigger, older sibling, what sonic differences do tubes in the power supply make vs. a solid state power supply in a preamp?
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Don't believe everything you read. You need to hear things in your system and not go by reviews. In my system the LS27 does not outperform the Ref 3. I have spent a bit of time with the LS27. A few years ago I owned a LS25 mk2 and wanted to upgrade. I tried a dealer demo LS27 that I could get for a very good deal. I passed because I did not think it was really much better than my LS25 mk2. I also have had the Ref 3 in my system. It was clearly better than both my LS25 mk2 and the LS27.

I currently own a Ref 5se. It is infinitely better than any previous Audio Research preamp I had heard. And I have heard a lot over the last 30 years. When I first borrowed the Ref 5se I knew it was special. After a week I knew it was not going anywhere and bought it.

The tubes in the power supply have an affect on the sound. You can hear a difference just by changing the brand of 6550 in the power supply on the Ref 5se.

If you are looking to upgrade I would highly recommend auditioning the Ref 5se. IMHO the LS27 would be a sideways move at best.
The tubes vs solid state debate never seems to end, which is certainly ok and serves to keep discussions like this always ongoing...Tubes in general tend to have a more fundamentally natural character to them than solid state. Yes, exceptions are out there and differences in circuit designs as well as component parts will obviously produce huge variations but with all else being somewhat equivalent, tubes make music with a. certain effortlessness. Tube regulated power supplies bring this natural effortless character "earlier" in the music making process and thus seem to have even more impact [ of their personality] towards the final resulting sound... It becomes a deeper breath of musical life to the notes because they remove another bit of once SS territory back into the folds of the vacuum tube. And the final effect ( when done properly) brings an even richer taste of reality to your ears. Yes, it is more expensive and involved but this difference alone can put a tubed component already the first step ahead of an ss in listening appreciation.
Lostbears, you've answered the question that I've long wanted an answer regarding the LS7 vs the Ref3. Thank you.

I'll stay put with my Ref3 until the funds come together for the Ref5 SE.