Tubes in Blue

Some of the tubes on my machine show blue florescent neon color on their envelopes. Is there anything wrong with those tubes? Please provide your suggestion(s) and experience.

Thanks in advance.

Normal color, don't worry about it. Subject has been discussed in detail on
Tesla offers premium E 34L tubes in both blue and red tinted glass.

No performance gain or loss, simply a way to add color to the amp. Think of your tubes as having the premium color option, but without the premium price :~).
Normal for some tubes to do this.What I can gather from some tube experts is it has to do with slow leakage of vacume gasses.Go figure.

The following link may help:

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Yu: What type of tubes are we discussing? A Blue/Purple glow @ the top of the glass globe is usually OK on larger power tubes (I have often found them to be the best sounding), but if it extends lower and seems to cloak the horizontal spacers and/or plates, then you may have a slight leak in the tube which will considerably shorten its life. It is unlikely that "all" of the output tubes would develop leaks unless someone attempted to improperly straighten the pins on them.

The tubes are in blue/purple glow are RCA 6SN7GTB (1 out of 6) and Sovtek 6AS7G (output, 3 out of 10) tubes on my Atma-Sphere amplifier. Also, the 6GC5 (rectifier, I believe) tubes on my preamplifier are the same. Any advice?

Thansk you all for your suggestions.

Happy Listening.

Yul: The blue is very common with rectifier tubes and also output tubes if it is limited to the top of the output tube, just above the vertical plates. If the glow seems to scatter below this area and/or fills the glass globe then I would suspect a leaky tube which should be checked ASAP. I am not familiar with 6SN7's (never owned anything which used them) but perhaps some of our BAT, Blue Circle, et cetera, owners will respond. You might also try switching the glowing tubes around(while keeping track of their previous location) to see if the glow follows them. Sometimes another part of the amp (or even plain metal) can stimulate this glow just by being in close proximity to perp tube. I read about this once not really understanding the explanation, but recall that it was not a big deal (anything to worry about). Maybe give the manufacturer a call as well?