Tubes in a Cary V-12R

I just bought a set of 6L6GC output tubes for my V-12R. It has always had EL 34s in it. I just wanted to try something new. It may be a stupid question, it ok that the 6L6GC tubes have 6 pins instead of 8 pins? (pins 1 and 6 are missing) I don't wish to damage the amp, of course. The manual and vender both say 6L6GC tubes will work in the V-12R, but I need to know for sure that the pin difference is without consequence.

Thanks in advance.
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You can use the 6 pin tubes. Pins 1 and 6 are not used for anything, so it doesn't matter.
Yes you can. I used both 6L6 as well as EL34s in my Cary V12. Best.
Mikirob, which tubes did you prefer in the V12?

Will 5881 tubes also work in a V12? I think they have higher plate voltage requirements than the 6L6.
Plato, really a draw depending on what you value in your listening
experience and what ancillary equipment (tubes, cable, interconnect, DAC
and so forth)...but pushed to the wall I'd pick the NOS Reflector 6n3ce
(6L6) as my all-around choice. I also used KT66 with great success.

I can't answer your question about the 5881, never used them in this
application. I'd call Cary and ask. Perhaps someone else on 'Gon can
Thanks. Any word on biasing the 6L6s in the V-12R?
Does anyone know what value I need to bias the amp for 6L6GC tubes as opposed to EL34s?
The 5881 is a direct replacement for a 6l6 c version (6l6gc). So if your amp calls for a 6l6gc, you can treat a 5881 as the same tube.