Tubes from Russia block

What is your experience of using all those NOS tubes from the Russian block, especially those which are supposed to be military grade ones?

I always test the tubes I received using my calibrated tube tester. I am finding out many unpleasant surprises.

I got them from eBay and even U.S. internet stores (some are supposed to be reputable). They are hit or miss. More than 1/2 of them have short, DOA, completely different looking labels, poor matching, or just too noisy to be of any practical value. I am not sure if it's just my luck (or lack of).

If you happen to use those tubes, would you please share where you buy them from?
Why support a country trying to start WW III ?

I don't know anything about tubes, nor do I want to know. Brent Jesse knows about tubes and I know Brent Jesse. People buying bad tubes on E-Bay is beginning to sound like a broken record.
I have many tubes from England they are by far the best however very hard to get.
all the NOS tubes are probaly gone by now.....
Schubert, WWIII is already started more than decade ago and Russia did not start it... Russia did not start any World War and most-likely won't.

Russia invaded Syria to establish their own strategical position in Middle East in case if SHTF. Same situation with Ukraine. Russia will continue to improve their strategical positions in Middle East in Iran, Kuweit, Yemen and possibly Egypt or any other allies that would join.

Welcome to my shop where I have LOTS of NOS tubes that I still fish out from yard and estates sales.
Czarivey,I guess if you forget about Joe from Georgia and Nicky 2 there might be some reality in there somewhere .
Domino theory that drove the Cold War does not carry much weight anymore these days, except perhaps with that Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower wisely warned his own country that he defended against all those years ago. That still exists.

Putin will play his cards on Russia's side of the world as needed. ISIS and terrorists are a threat to all including Russia. If US is smart, we will find a way to let Russia do most of the dirty work perhaps with some assistance from us and maybe even Israel in terms of intelligence and such (assuming we have any over there). The US effort in that region of late has been a sad joke. Maybe our leaders will figure out a way to work together somehow to maintain some semblance of order, but granted in the Middle East any order is a tall one.
Come on, people, this is not a political forum. We don't care about countries and wars here. Just give us good NOS tubes, wherever they were made ! England, Russia, US, Germany or Japan. No difference.
Yes, tubes are way more important. :^/
I doubt if the guys at the Svetlana plant, that was in St Petersburg, ever started any wars. I sure did like their SED "WINGED C" 6550C's. Well, before I got my NOS, 1970's GE 6550A octet anyway(might been the last time though).
I have used 1578, 6n1P, 6N8S and 6n23p. They are not always closely matched but I have never had one DOA.
I second the nod to Brent Jessee. If you care to, take a gander at his site and read up on the tubes you're interested in as he compiles a short and concise history of the one you want. Once you've narrowed it down, give him a call, let him know your budget and he'll give you some sound advice and recommendations.

All the best,
Jim Mcshane Audio is another good source for vintage tubes and for tested & matched NOS Russians at reasonable prices. I've had no issues with the Tung Sol reissues from him and their quality seems to have improved in recent years.

Schubert, IIRC the Reflector business in Russia is as least partly owned by a US-based American who is presumably not Red.
I have had really good experiences with Andy at Vintage Tube Services.