Tubes for VTL 2.5

Hi all,
I'm thinking about tube rolling and want some input. I currently have the original jj tubes in the VTL preamp and they sound fine, but I want something a bit richer sounding, better vocals and the like. I mainly listen to rock and jazz via the streamer but have a number of albums as well. I would be willing to spend around $50/tube.
My setup is:
VTL 2.5 pre
McIntosh MC275 amp
Sonus Faber Olymica I
Auralic Aries streamer
Auralic Vega DAC
Clearaudio Concept turntable
Nordost cables throughout

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Just a humble suggestion, but it would be helpful if you were to list the tube complement in this product. It will probably get you the desired input faster.


Also, if you key in VTL 2.5 in the Search Discussions box you’ll see there is already quite a bit of information regarding tube replacement feedback for this model.


Owning one a number of years ago, and if memory serves me (cautionary statement: I sometimes forget what I had for breakfast), I ended up with exceptional results using Mullard CV4024/12AT7 and Mullard CV4003/12AU7 tubes. The Mullard tubes are well balanced across the bandwidth and have exceptional midrange performance.