Tubes for VTL 2.5

Hi all,
I'm thinking about tube rolling and want some input. I currently have the original jj tubes in the VTL preamp and they sound fine, but I want something a bit richer sounding, better vocals and the like. I mainly listen to rock and jazz via the streamer but have a number of albums as well. I would be willing to spend around $50/tube.
My setup is:
VTL 2.5 pre
McIntosh MC275 amp
Sonus Faber Olymica I
Auralic Aries streamer
Auralic Vega DAC
Clearaudio Concept turntable
Nordost cables throughout

I had a 2.5 for a few years.  I seem to remember the older versions of the 2.5 had different tubes than the current production model.  Mine used 2x12AT7 and 2x12AU7, it didn't have the phono section.

I've got boxes of tubes I tried when I owned the 2.5. The brands that performed best for me were Mullard CV 12AT7 and Cifte 12AU7.  Interconnects and power cord changes also made a big difference, maybe more than the tube rolling. 

vegasears, thanks for the input. I'll look around for the tubes you mentioned.