Tubes for Unison Research Simply 4


I am looking for some replacment tubes for my Simply 4. I heard that the Svetlana's EL34 are very good; but anyone knows what is a good ECC82 replacement. I am looking for current production tubes since I don't want to spend too much money on NOS. Thanks all.
I love my Svetlana EL34s. They are very clean and airy. After several years of use, it's time to replace them and I'm going with another matched quad from Another plus is that they can handle a little more plate voltage and can pump out 25 watts per tube vs 20 in most EL34s as long as your amp has the gain and adequate power supply.
For ECC82s, try Golden Dragons from China. I like them a lot. They are not cheap but are very clean and don't miss a beat!
I own Unison Research Simply 4 for 5 years now !!!!
I replace the originals with Mullards EL34 and
Telefunken ECC 82 . Great combination !!! If you can
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