Tubes for the Quicksilver mid mon.

After having these new to me amps for about a month I think found a good tube combination.  (Note this a comparison of tubes on hand)

Input and driver tubes
EI pre war 12ax7.  More tightly focused than a Telefunken pair labelled the Fisher.   Much better that  a pair of new construction PASVANE T series version 3.  They sounded a little grainy, but to fair they have no time on them, so I assume they’ll smooth out

ECC83. Amperex. Great mids and a real sense of drive.Better than any Mullard pair. 

power tubes 
Mullard fx1 el34’s.  Only compared them to a quad older Svetlana Winged C’s.  It worrth noting Thant I haven’t tested them to get better matched pairs.  

Ill be purchasing a quad off new construction tubes either gold lion K66 or some chimes KT88’s.  

Any have ave any other combos that work well, especially those featuring new construction output tubes.