Tubes for Tenor 75wi

I have to retube a pair of Tenor 75wi Power amps. I need:

8 x 6C33C
4 x 6H30P
4 x 6N6P
4 x ECC83

Do you know Where can I do it?

They are all easily available tubes. I have done business with The Tube Store: and was very satisfied with their service. They carry online all the tubes you need. The 6C33C, 6H30P, 6N6P (or 6H6P) are all russian tubes that don't have western equivalent (if I am not mistaken), the ECC83 is a 12AX7, a very common tube. The Electro Harmonix, Sovtek and EI are very good as modern tubes go, but if you are interested in going the NOS route, the sky is the limit: Telefunkens, Amperex, Mullard, GE, you name it, tube roller's dream. If the ECC83 is the input tube, it will be probably the one making the biggest difference in final sound, so the most important.

You could also contact a store in Montréal, Canada called Coup de Foudre: (514) 788-5066. Some of their technicians are former employees of Tenor, I think the designer himself works there. I am sure they can provide some good information.

Hope this will help you.

Montréal, Canada

Here's where I do business:

Hopefully the Tenor amp is worth the trouble! If it is - then stock up on your tubes; but if it's not - look at building your own or purchasing a 845 SE.

God Bless
There are tons of tubes for sale on eBay. Just use the tube number/type as your search word.

You probably can also contact Tenor Audio
I've bought from The Tube Store also. I agree good service.
As one of the above posters said, I would contact ex-Tenor Audio technician Stephane Vermette at Stephane can provide matched output tubes which are critical in obtaining the highest performance from the OTL.

Rich Maurin