Tubes for Sonic Frontiers Line 2SE

I`ve just bought the SF Line 2SE Preamplifier and I want to retube it. It has 3 pair of Sovtek 6922, but I`m loocking for more tubey and full body sound.
Anybody use the NOS Sovtek 6H23N EB ?
Must I replace the 6 tubes ? I saw that many people replace onle the first pair.
I will apreciate all your suggest.
I only replace two tubes in my SF Line 3SE Amperex 7308 from Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio
Try some cheap Amperex 6dj8 Bugle Boys or world logo tubes, next up would be the goldpins but they are $$$$.
I'm using NOS Sovtek 6H23N EB and it sounds wonderful.
I have two SF Line 2s (no SE)

The 6h23n's are great tubes to tighten up an overly "tubey" sound (such as in my all tube system). To get more of the "tubey" sound (in my solid state system)I go with A-frame Amperex in the v1/Lv1 (first pair). This is, by far the important pair in this preamp for sound. I don't actually find much difference in tube rolling v2/Lv2 or v3/Lv3
Hi Pablo!

Just for your information, there are currently Valvo's in there. The more "tubey" types of tubes that I have researched are those from Valvo, Mullard, and the NOS Sovtek 6H23N EB mentioned above. Try out under FAQ and look for Joe's Tube Lore,I believe, for an in depth discussion about 6922-based tubes. Also Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio is a hell of a good resource.

In my research, I have heard most people say that changing the tubes in the V1 and LV1 position affects the sound the most. A minority of people say the V2 and LV2. No one that I have come across has mentioned V3/LV3.

Enjoy your preamp when you get it!