Tubes for Soliloquoy 5.3's?

I'm running Soliloquoy's 5.3's with an old Hafler xl-280. Are there any recommendations out there for tube amps under $1500.oo (used of course)? I've read that low power amps should work well driving the5.3's but there are times when I like to turn it up a bit. What can I expect with a CJ mv-55 or a SF Power-1? Any Cary-oriented thoughts?
until recently(traded in the 5.3"s) i was driving my 5.3"s with ah tjoeb to audion sterling etse amp to the 5.3's (no preamp) with exellent results. -- the audion retails for about $1250 but is only 12 watts per channel -- that will not give you the loud volume you might want from the 5.3's , but plenty of db's in the medium level range......
I have 2 Cary amps that I use with my Soliloquy 5.3 (special order black ash). I use both a Cary 300sei (11 wats RMS) and a Cary 2A3i (with 4 KR super 2A3 tubes in push pull configuration for 15 watts RMS per side). You will like either... or both! Both of these will cost you a little more that $1500 each, will not need a preamp or interconnects. I suspect you could find either of them used for $1700-$2000...but not mine! There is nothing wrong with the SF or CJ... or a lot of other good tube amps, but the owner of Cary founded Soliloquy and I believe the 5.3's and the rest of the Soliloquy line are still voiced with Cary amps. Both amps will drive the 5.3's to sufficient volume levels. I have never had the volume control on either past the 11 o'clock position. The 300sei, as might be expected, presents a more lush midrange and sweeter highs and slightly better imaging that the 2A3i. The 2A3i has a fuller and better balanced low end without giving up much on the mids and highs....sounds kinda like a SET amp with balls. I do switch the amps off every week or so and when one is on the Soliloquys, the other is with B&W CDM SE's and a sub. I do not use a sub with the Soliloquys normally. FYI: CAL CL-20 CD-DVD player and CAL CL-10 CD changer Luminous Audio Technology Signature Interconnect Luminous Audio Technology Prestige or Nordost Red Dawn or Analysis Plus Oval 9 Speaker cable If you should have any more specific questions regarding Cary/Soliloquys please feel free to email me at: [email protected] Larry