Tubes for Shindo Aurieges L

I open my shindo aurieges l to check what kind of tubes it uses but the tubes doesn't have any markings on it. Does anybody know what kind of tubes for this preamp? Any tube recommendation?

Type: Line stage non-Negative-Feedback preamplifier
Tubes: 2 x ECL86, 1 x 12AX7
I don't think people really tube roll Shindo preamps. I know that was an attractive point of the Aureigies L I purchased. Not messing around with power cords or tubes--just leaving it voiced as it was supposed to be.

That said, I believe I've read the original 12ax7 are Telefunken, not positive though.
The problem is the Shindo's are custom built and each Auriges may have different tubes. I have the Auriges with the phono stage. Tubes are as follows
Rectifier 6X4 Phillips
Line stage 2 each PCL 86 ?
Phono stage 2 each ECF 80 Siemens

You can call Tone Imports for more info
Ken Shindo uses VERY specific tubes and doesn't recommend tube rolling. If you need a new tube set, order them from Shindo Labs for your exact model of preamp.
Now I'm really getting confused. So no tube rolling and I'll probably pay premium price If get the tubes from Shindo labs right?
If you can figure out what the tubes are and go on various tube sites you certainly can experiment with nos tubes and not damage your amp. But you have to find out the correct tube types. That's why I suggested talking to Tone Imports who are distributors for Shindo

Thanks Ahendler. Here is the reply from the very nice guy Jonathan Halpern of Tone Imports.

"The tubes wil be either ELC86 x 2 and 6X4 or LCP86 x 2 and 6X4- LCP86 and ECL86 are interchangeable. Either way, unless you've logged more than 10,000 hours of use, the stock tubes should be perfect and testing above new. The Aurieges runs tubes very gently as do all Shindo components".
The whole point of Shindo is you don't have to tube roll. Ken uses vintage parts and NOS tubes throughout.

You are looking at the preamp the wrong way---if you really want to roll, switch to a Cary SLP98 or something.
I have tried several brands of NOS tubes in my Shindo Monbrison and they all had different characters. So why don't tube roll and be delighted to "taste" the differences between the different tubes. In a good system it should rather be fun than stress, at least with a Shindo amp.
Note ECL86 and LCP86 and are NOT interchangable. The advice posted above is WRONG. The ECL86 is no substitute and doesn't work in the current Aurieges.
how are you supposed to tell when things need retubing?  Have a used montille and got a demo unit aurieges.  sound fantastic but unknown hours on the tubes.  Tho if they are good to 10,000 then i guess they last a long time.