Tubes for Rogue Pre's

What are the best possible tubes made that could be used in either of these pre's. I'm looking for accuracy and a 3-D soundstage. It will be mated with a SS amp, probabaly one of these Aleph series. I like the 30 but at 89-90db sensitivity, my DIY MTM's really shouldn't need exteme power. I'm actually selling my Levinson 334. I need two amps one with allot of balls, my Parasound Halo 21, 750W bridged, and another, which has yet to be determined.
Thanks for any advice.
I had a rogue 66 Magnum and used NOS Mullard 12au7s with great results. I had them tested for high gain from They produced a very warm & wide soundsatge. I currently have a Rogue Tempest II, and am thinking about getting a 66 or 99 pre and a stereo 90 amp.