Tubes for pre-amp

What is the best sounding Siemen 6922
If you can find a good pair, the 60s CCa's
are amazing. Problem is finding a good pair. Buy only from a reliable source that offers a warranty. I've had 3 of 4 pairs go bad quickly.

The later versions do not sound nearly as good IMO.
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Joe's Tube Lore is a terrific source of information. Andy Bouwman of Vintage Tube Services is a good source for tubes and will give you an eye opening lowdown on Siemens CCA tubes.
Hi, Gellis1,I have been getting consistent quality of 6922, among other tubes, from a seller by the name of Dioto here on the gon .Seimans gold pin,Dutch made Amperex bugel boys and Dutch Philips miniwatt S.Q.s,all very very good in my Supratek Chenin.The Philips miniwatt special quality are king in my set up right now.Dioto [Tom], Has a long retired tube technician working for him that really knows this technology..... Toms prices and service are tough to beat,I am very pleased with all that I bought from him.