Tubes for Manley Stingray

Thinking of upgrading the tubes on my Stingray to get more of its magic (though it's a tiny bit dry). Does anyone have any thoughts? Much appreciated.
My Stingray had the warm sounding Ei 6BQ5/EL-84 tubes...I was very happy with them. Some folks like the Mullard which are also warmer sounding..but VERY expensive. An octet of them will run you near $2K. The other nice tube is the Tungsram old production. I felt that the Ei offerd a lot of sweetness and slam for the paltry price in comparison.

As for the 6414 driver tubes..Not much to be gained by switching those out. For inputs...I used an old GE 6201 that I liked much better than the newer GE 12AT7 JAN tube..TFK are another nice tube. Check out Andy's website at to get a look at some of those. His Superline Mullard/RCA/Amperex or TFK are some of the best sounding.
Read Dick Olsher's reveiw from several years ago:

I find I pretty much agreed with his description when I recently swapped in the JJs. I also like the stock tubes, just a little different presentation - some might call it dry; I found it more neutral. I am keeping both sets on hand to swap from time time when I need a different flavor.

How do you like the Stingray overall? Looks like you just bought it...?
Loving the Stingray Kck. Sounds good, looks fantastic. Got it for steal as well. Will look into the JJs. Thanks!
Has anyone here had an opportunity to try out the Electro-Harmonix EL84 ? Was wondering how it might compare to the stock and JJ.