Tubes for Magnepan’s.

I think next up on my acquisition list is a tube amplifier. I'm not looking for the be all end all, cause I don’t think there is a definitive "Best", so am looking for as good as I can get for $3-4k.

Because tubes drive speakers so much more efficiently than solid state I am only looking for 40-50 watts to drive my modded Maggie’s, 1.7i's. (Or what you have when you add a new crossover and planer tweeters to 1.7i's.) Maybe 2.7x? I haven’t settled on that yet. And I have some Zu Dirty Weekend's upgraded to the max coming in in 2 months to replace my KEF's.

Anyway, I haven’t had a tube device since my Halicrafter short wave radio, and reviews are not the same as advice from people that own something. There is a Rouge Audio dealer in my area, last I looked, (opps, they no longer carry them), so I may have to go to another market to hear something, or get a try before you buy from a manufacturer or dealer.

You folks have taught me a lot, and I think asking users is the right thing to do on this change in direction.

Thanks in advance.
 Length x diameter x resistance is total resistance
Georg is rolling over in his grave.  There's SO much wrong with that post that I just don't even know where to start. 

Sorry, school isn’t in session. 

I’m discussing tube amps and Magnepan’s here. Sometimes I get too close to sharing things that should not be.

Knowledge isn’t necessarily power, but knowledge and money can be.
Atmasphere knows of what he speaks. I have been using the Paul Speltz designed Zero autoformers for over a year now, with Nominal 6 ohm electrostatic hybrids (91 db/1w/m) and a 40 watt/ch PP tube amp (an Elekit TU 8340 with KT 77's). Doubling the resistance (and being able to utilize the 8 ohm output taps) was an astonishing revelation! The largest improvement I could ever hope for without changing the main components entirely.
The effect of the impedance change is a Speaker modification, not an amplifier tweak. Maggies are probably even more deserving of this amazing benefit (Nominal 4 ohm) and may even require the x3 configuration.

Atmas-Sphere, Anti-Cable and Magnepan  are awesome products... 

What a Great Hobby...
Driving my LRS with a variety of gear right now:

McCormack .5 (100 watts SS) with Rogue Perseus tube pre
Rogue Atlas Magnum 3 (100 watts, kt120 tubes) with same Perseus
Hegel H360 integrated (250 watts SS)  

The Mc/Perseus and Atlas/Perseus both do a good job and sound great - different of course - if you are staying under or around 75 - 80 dB.  But if you want that last little giddyup the Hegel does the trick.  So smooth and effortless.  By most accounts a great match for Maggies.  Paid under $3k used for the Hegel so within your budget.  Definitely worth a try if you come across one.  

But, sounds like you're not really looking for giddyup so a tube pre/SS combo should be great.  It might take a few tries to find the right combo but that's the fun part!

I will add that my Jolida 502brc tube integrated at 60 watts just can't cut it with the LRS.  Runs out of gas way early.  

Keep us posted.  I am curious about different gear for Maggies as it looks like I may be hooked.  Would like to hear the Hegel H20 with a tube pre for sure!