Tubes for Lamm m1.2 Reference

Hi. I just wanted let everyone know I just replaced my stock tubes with the Amperex pinch waist 6922 PQ. Ok, was it exspensive? Yes, but the tubes are rare and getting harder to find. I paid $650.00 for the pair. Lucky the Lamm's are hybrids and I only needed 2 of these! All I can say is WOW! Timpany drums use to shake my music room, now it just destoys it.Please note, it is crytal clear destruction. Vocals are sweet but definite. sax and piano and acoustic guitars are right there and very revealing. I have been a bass player since I was 10 years old and have recorded in the best studios.I did the whole record label thing. This is the first time i feel as though I am listening to the two inch master reel. CD's really do suck.The Amperex are also quieter which is nice because the Lamm's have such a high gain. I post this thread for all the Lamm owners so they can make their amazing amps even better. I purchased my tubes from Agoner tas_audio. Alan is a great guy.
My gear:
TW-Acustic Raven AC-3-with Air tight pC-1
boulder 1008 phono stage
Lamm 1.2 reference with Amperex pinch waist 6922 PQ tubes
Focal Scala Speakers
Atma-Sphere MP-1 Mark III Preamp
MBL 6010d 3rd Generation Preamp
Shunyata Power and Transparent Audio Cables
Congratulations on the upgrade!

My friend, with Lamm M2.2s, and myself, with Lamm M2.1s, have also been using the Amperex pinched waist 6922 tubes for several years to good effect. However, I will state that other NOS tubes can sound very close to the pinched waist tubes sound. (Such as the Amperex Orange Globe 6DJ8 tubes, and they cost only a fraction of the cost of the pinched waist tubes. However, I agree that for the ultimate in sonics, the pinched waist tubes work the best, IMHO. And you are most certainly correct that replacing the stock Sovtek tubes is a priority to getting the best sound possible out of the hybrid Lamm amps.

My two cents worth.
Sorry to revive such an old thread.

I just dropped a pair of Amperex Pinched Waist 6922s into my M1.2s. They cost me about 550 per pair. They replaced a pair of 6H23N-EBs( a 6922 variant apparently)

After about 30 hours they sound so bright, and forward, 'brittle if you will. The vocals now seems to have moved from the speaker plane before to about 2ft ahead of the speakers now. I've also lost some transients, they sound softened somewhat.

What gives?! IS there such a thing as tube break-in? Do I have to wait much loger for the magic to arrive
My choice
Amperex 7308 NOS 1960s Dutch PQ Gold Pins

This is a very good match, huge Soundstage & more lifelike based on their superior tonal colors.
I also have a few new - sealed box-old Telefunken E88CC from Germany, ultra low noise, gold pins from 1960...also a good choice.

I think you will get varying opinions about tube burn-in here. My view is that there are some very slight changes over the first several hundred hours, but these are slight. The tubes can smooth-out a little, but based upon your description, it seems unlikely the ones you have will ever be satisfactory. I would first try some speaker repositioning to see if that helps. If not, I would probably return or sell them rather than wait and see. Ah, the 'joy' of tube rolling. Good luck.