Tubes for Lamm LL2


I've heard good improvements can be obtained in rolling tubes in the LL2. Mine has stock tubes and they are acting up, so I think it's good time to roll them. However, I don't have much experience rolling tubes (did some with my amp), so I did a fair amount of reading and contacted Jim McShane, who gets very good references in forums.

Jim has been great and suggested a matched pair of RFT NOS for the 12AU7, and ECC88 Tesla (not JJ from th 60s) for the 6DJ8 tubes. But I never heard of these tubes, so I'm posting here to seek for your input. Am I on the right track?

I don't know exactly what changes you want to hear, and I'm not all that familiar with the Lamm, but those are both great tubes. There are a few that might be better, but I think you're right in the sweetspot on the price/performance curve.
I use 12AU7WA Sylvanias (or Amprex Holland) & 6922 Telefunken from 1970. But Mullards are also good Tubes for it.
If Jim suggested them I would give them a try. I buy from him sometimes and he always gave me good service and better tubes.