Tubes for Jolida 302B

Wondering what tubes to replace the stock tubes with?
Any recommendations greatly appreciated. I really like
sound of this little integrated. I have already replaced
the pc with a TG audio pc.
Telescopic_trade, have you gone over to Bill Baker's website (response Audio)? He does a LOT of modification work on JoLida tube-only amps (i.e. NO hybrids) & he does have several tube recommendations that are HIS favourite. Try one of those. Here is the website addr for tube recommendations. There's a lot more on this site.
On my 502A I have the winged-C Svetlana 6550, which are #3 on his list (of 3!! ;-) ).
So far, so good for me.

Thanks! In fact I have been e-mailing back & forth
trying to decide if I just want to go for a modded
i had a 302b, modified by Partsconnexion, and liked the winged C El34 in combination with Mullard NOS 12ax7 and 12at7 the best. also tried svetlana, electro harmonic and the stock Chinese tubes in the el34, 12ax7 and 12at7 positions in all of the various combinations. IMHO, the winged c and Mullard combination retained much of the el34 characteristic midrange "sweetness" but with better "defined" LF and HF.
Hi Wsifu,

Thanks for the reply!
Where can one find a winged C EL 34??
you can find a matched quad of svetlana SED winged c 6ca7 (el34) at for a decent price. they sell mainly to guitarists. lots of other sites sell them but i found them all to be a bit more expensive.

I replaced the power tubes with New Sensor "Mullard" matched EL34s from The Tube Store. Also I replaced the 12AX7s and 12AT7s with JJ Teslas. I am also able to get these to bias right on at 40mV.

The overall dynamics, clarity and extension were noticeably improved.
Wow, just got Tung-Sol 12AX7s and Mullard (New Sensor) 12AT7s and still more improvement. Better detail and separation. Very nice tuneful bass. Smooth and detailed is how I would describe it. Listening to Beatles Revolver on vinyl with this rig is, as Shelley Duval said in Annie Hall, Transplendent.