Tubes for Jolida 1501 hybrid integrated

I've read on several threads that the Ei 12ax7 tubes work well with the Jolida JD-100 CD player. Do the Ei's work as well with this integrated? Any other tube suggestions are welcome too.

Thanks for your thoughts.

FWIW, I use EI's (12's and 6's) on all of my stuff. Clean, clear, balanced, and a small tad on the warm side of neutral compared to most Russian tubes and JJ's. Spend an extra dollar or two and buy only from a dealer who actually tests for microphonics (some quality control issues, although I don't do as I suggested and have only had a few duds).
i had very good results with 5751's in place of 12ax7's. 5751's used to be a good bit cheaper, too, but i think that has changed.

good luck,
Thanks men. I'll keep this in mind.
I have not tryed the EI's but have listened to the Tung-Sol and the Electro-Harmonix 12AX7s in the Jolida JD 1501RC. The Tung-Sol 12AX7 seemed a bit too lush and romantic for my tastes. I personally liked the Electro-Harmonix and found them to be more neutral and detailed. It's really interesting how the type of 12AX7 tube that is chosen to be used in the JD 1501RC can radically alter the sound of this excellent integrated amplifier. I also have the Jolida JD-9 phono preamp and have had the same results changing the two 12AX7s in this unit.
I just replaced my stockers with Tung-Sol ECC803S. My last integrated was a CJ tube. It was sweet. The 1501 with the Tung-Sol's is really nice. They are only an hour old. I'm sure they'll get better with age. What are you using? Thanks!
I changed out the Tung-Sol stock tubes with Tung-Sol 12AX7a/12AX7 NOS Tubes and wow what a difference. I have Triangle Titans, Audio Quest Bedrock Bi-wire speaker cables and a Martin Logan 400 sub. Before the system was bright with excessive high end and ok bass. After I changed the tubes and the power cable, I could not believe the difference. The highs were still great but much smoother. The bass really kicked in. This is a second system that now comes close to my expensive main system with VR4jrs.