tubes for Jadis JP-200

Just bought a Jadis JP-200 preamp and wanted to retube it. Most of the line stage has telefunken and it sounds good but I would like a little more sparkle in the top end. Anyone have any experience with this unit.

Does it use EF86 tubes or 12AX7s?
I have owned a JP-200 since 1993. During that time I have had it modified, and then restored to factory specs. I have used Telefunken, Ei, RCA, GE, Tesla, and Electro-Harmonic gold-pin 12ax7 tubes and have always returned to the Telefunkens. I have achieved a brighter sound but never any sparkle unless the Telefunkens are in the system. The Ei tubes were my second choice.

During the modified period, there was greater top-end sparkle; however, the unit also lost all of the musical characteristics for which one selects a Jadis product! To be clear, I do not recommend this option.

An idea, audition Mapleshade planar power cords (the active version with battery box) on the JP-200 or, on your power amps. This will change the balance somewhat, but not the character of the Jadis -they do open up the top end in a rather natural way.

By the way, what is the production year of the unit? I ask because this advice may not be as applicable to more recent production units --later than 2001.

Mine uses EF86 tubes. Like Ejmac70, over the 20 plus years I've had Jadis preamps I have preferred the sound of Telefunkens in these units, both EF86 tubes in the JP200 and the 12AX7s in my previous JP80MC. I tried Mullard 12AX7s for a while in the old preamp and felt they were brighter but not as well-balanced tonally; if you use this type tube you might try them to get that added "sparkle", though I too feel it's more brightness than sparkle. Other good EF86 tubes I have used in my current unit are NOS tubes from GEC and Amperex; these have sounded excellent and I consider them on a par with the Telefunkens in my unit. I have in reserve, but have not yet used, some Electro Harmonix EF86 tubes intended primarily for guitar amplifier applications--some day I'll try them, I imagine they might give a brighter overall presentation.

As an aside, I also agree with Ejmac70 about being careful about modifying Jadis equipment. Other than Andy Bouwman's "Romantic Era" mods he made to my JP80, I have not heard any mods to these units that don't lose the Jadis "sound" that you pay the big bucks for.
The manufacture date is 1999. The manual says it uses EF-86 and EL86 tubes in the power supply and ECC88-MC, ECC83-Phono and ECC83- linestage.
I have another idea to share with you, a tube mixing strategy that I learned from a consultant at the Audio Outlet/CSA Audio, Mike O'keefe.

Put your NOS tubes in the first line stage socket (front of preamp to the left) and use two more widely available, and likely less expensive, tubes in the second and third sockets. Try the Telefunken matched with two Electro-Harmonix, an Ei with two Electro-Harmonix, or Telefunken and two Eis. Each combination will change the balance somewhat but not the character of the unit.

This system also works for the phono section. However, the NOS tube should be placed in the last socket at the rear of the unit. I have used this strategy with great success during my re-tubing of several Jadis preamps over the years. It is a cost effective way to listen to different brands in your unit before making a significant financial commitment!

With regard to the power supply, I have used GE, Mullard and Telefunken 6CW5/EF-86 tubes, and Ei, Mullard, Electro-Harmonix and Telefunken EL-86 tubes in the power supply with good results.

Good luck!
Agree with every one. Telefunkens have a special magic in the JP-200. Have had the JP-200MC since 1995 and had it updated at the factory in 2007. Still believe it is the best sounding preamp I have ever owned or heard. The best tubes have always been Telefunkens. Mine has all Telefunken 803S. Also agree you should avoid any mods to Jadis equipment. Had one done on the JP-200 and it took away everything that makes the JP-200 the wonder it is. Recently heard the new ARC Reference 40th Anniversary pre and was struck by how much it reminded me of the JP-200.

The 5751 (preferably RCA or Sylvania black plates) substitutes beautifully in the pre for the 12AX7/ECC83. Has slightly less gain but add a sense of ease to the sound. Use it in place of the ECC83 in my JA-80s and prefer it to the ECC83. While on the JA-80, for the best sound of all substitute a 12SN7 for the ECC82/12AU7 (you will need an adapter). The 12SN7 is far more linear than the 12AU7. You can also substitute the 12AX7 for a 12SL7 (again you need an adapter). The difference is not quite as dramatic as the 12AX7 is more linear than the 12AU7, but the sound stage becomes wider and deeper. Recommend it.