Tubes for HT?

What do you folks think about using tube monoblock amps for HT (amplification specifically for the 3 front chanels, L/C/R)? I've been thinking of swapping my Musical Fidelity M250 Monoblocks with a tube amp. I'm kinda yearning for the sweet, warm sound of tubes. I'm not familiar with tubes being used for HT, so I'm a little concerned about clipping (power output), heat, realibility etc. I'm guessing you folks know where I'm coming from on this one... Call it a dual purpose system, if there is such a thing.

I Spoke to Kevin @ Upscale Audio and he recommends the Prologue 6 Monoblocks (@70 watts). He said that the Prologue 6 will do great in a dual purpose Music and HT set-up. Have you folks had any experience using Prima Luna in a HT environment?

I would love to hear what you guys think.

i wouldn't waste a tube watt on a movie. i prefer to use my tubes for music. that's why i separated my systems though they still share the same room. if you must use tubes, i don't think it'll be too big of a problem though you may miss the headroom a solid state amp will give during loud passages of action flics. sounds to me like you've already go things sorta separated so i would leave well enough alone.
FWIW I have heard Manley demo multichannel systems with all tubed monblocks. They sounded great, but I must admit, by late in the day, the rooms could have benefitted from an extra A/C unit!
There seems to be a general acceptance that using tubed amps for movies will shorten a tube's life as the sudden loud noises and booming dialog will fatigue a tube. I really don't care about this as I have enough systems and I don't want to go back-and-forth between the two.
I think worrying about wearing tubes our prematurely on movie soundtracks is all in your people's heads!!! "Sudden loud noises" and "booming dialog"!??? PLLLLLLLLLLLLEASE!!!
Zero issue!...ZERO!!
I've been around audio biz for many many years, and the downside of tubes is heat build up, and maybe weaker bass control. If you can put em in a system, and cross em over so the bass goes to a sub, you're gunna be good to problems!
Check out the Butler Audio amps. They're a unique twist on tubes and are designed to be left on 24/7 for HT applications.
Having recently converted from SS to tubes in the two chanel and HT system, I say GO FOR IT!
Just one caveat; heat. Some tube amps are good for space heaters as well as amplification. You may want to look into use of tube hybrid integrated amps for your purposes. Not terribly expensive and mine are working fabulously. Bonus is virtually zero heat. I know that Upscale sells the Pathos Classic One MkII's that I bought; I did in fact get my second one from them.
Thanks everyone for your input. I ended up buying a pair of used Manley 440/200 monoblocks running a pair of Maggie 1.6 QR's. I'm happy to say that I may have made the right decision. I highly recommend considering tubes for HT!
I use a 80w tube integrated with HT pass through, and SS for center and rear channels. I was concerned at first but have had great success with the home theater aspect of this set-up. I am focusing on 2 channel performance but don't feel that the multi-channel ht performance has been compromised to any great extent.