Tubes for Eastern Electric CD Player

What tubes are you using for this CD Plyer that seem to work....
Hi Eagleman,

I'm using NOS Telefunken ECC83Cs. They have transformed the Minimax and they should have for the $$ (350 /pair). I don't think it's necessary to spend that much at all and would recommend either Amperex, JAN, or Mullards (re-issue) - any of these should run from 40-80$ / pair and will really kick things up a notch.

Good luck with your search.

The CD Player does not use ECC83's/12ax7.
The CD player uses 6922 or 6DJ8 or 7308.
Do not use 12ax7 in this player.
Garry, your using the wrong tubes as this CD player was not designed for the tubes you are using in it.
I did not think that it uses anything but what Morningstar is suggesting. Looking for suggestions. I have had a pair of Amperex USN in there for about 4 years. i do not have a tube tester but, want to put something else in there.

Yes, you are correct it is not ECC83 - I meant to say E88CC. These have a diamond plate on the bottom. Not good to type about tubes when you've got a very bad case to the flu. Thank you for pointing that out.

I picked them upalong with the Minimax from Vintage Audio, EE's distributor in Hong Kong. Being a new to tubes at the time and when taking delivery of the Minimax, I asked Vincent (whom runs the local tube club here) what were the best replacement tubes available. He dropped in the Telefunkens and it was like he had a freeze gun - everyone in the place stopped to listen and were shocked by the sound . . . I bought 'em on the spot.