Tubes for Eastern Electric CD

I bought my unit 4.5 years ago, changed from the EH6922s to 2 Amperex 7308 USNs. After 4 yours I am not sure if they are degrading as i do not have a tester. Wondering what other tubes people have found to be a good match. I have TAD 150 sig pre TAD 125 amp and Vandy 3a sigs...
Why not put the EH tubes back in and see which ones you like? The Amprex should have plenty of life in them if you use your unit normally. I have a Ah! cd player with the Amperex tubes and after 6+ years they are still great.
Bill from Morningstar also recommends the amp 7308's. I have Amp 6dj8 bugle boys which i like better then the Tesla's that were there before.

As an aside, I recently took off the stock footers and replaced them with some Bright Star Isonodes I had on hand. Immediately more bass, cleaner and more airy. Vocals lost traces of harshness, soundstaging even improved. Hit or miss w/footers, but this combo works very well in my system.
Also, do a search, there are other threads on this topic
Have you cleaned all your cable contacts lately? I'd try that before worrying about the tubes.