Tubes for Counterpoint 3

I am making my first tube purchase for the Counterpoint 3 mostly for the phono section. i will be using the phono stage for now through a B&K PT3 mk2. The unit comes with two 6dj8 tubes in the phono stage. Would I gain anything by replacing the tubes in the phono section with higher quality tubes as an inexpensive improvement. If so, what tubes are recommended.....

Thanks for the advice.....

Check with Mike at He is the expert as he was the designer/builder of CounterPoint.
Try Amperex Bugle Boy 6DJ8s very smooth and sweet sounding.

Look on AA under FAQs and read Joe's Tube Lore for more info on 6DJ8 tubes. He is pretty accurate with what they sound like.

Happy Listening.
According to the seller the tubes that came in the unit are Electroharmonics 6922. Anyone heard of this tube? How does it compare to the better Amperex or Seimens in the 6DJ8 family? I checked Joe's tube lore on Audio Asylum and it does not mention this tube....

That is an Eastern European tube brand. Sort of new, considered by many tubophiles as not very good, therefore, not mentioned in any of those specialty tube threads. These tubes you mention, are old production American or Western European tubes. It seems as if production and quality gets progressively worse, as the tubes are newer from a time stand point. Should be able to get some sort of decent NOS tubes for about $100 a pair....Not necessarily the cheapest, but that sort of tubes that you mention, the famous ones like the Bugleboys, Siemens and others are being hoarded by tubophiles as you speak...which makes the prices go up and up and up. A good pair, with good specs should last you about 9 years with about 3 hours of use everyday, or so I was told.
The first poster here has it right,check with Mike,Bob