Tubes for CJ MV60SE


The original tubes in my amp are now getting close to require replacement and I am looking for suggestions. I don't have any experience to speak of in regards to the different brand tubes and their particular sound characteristics. I like the sound of my amp with the tubes that were installed at factory by CJ, however there is no brand name stamped on the tubes. I believe that if I buy tubes direct from CJ cost will be higher than if I buy from other source but not sure of this. Does anyone know what brand tubes CJ installs in the MV60SE ?

The stock tubes, which are very good, are SEDs. You're right about them being available from reputable dealers for significantly less than what CJ sells them for. Try Jim McShane or The Tube Store. I tried the Tung Sol 6550 re-issue but preferred the SED. The Tung Sol have fuller bass but the SED are more evenly balanced.
SED or Svetlana tubes are the ones that have the =C= logo. Be sure to get that version or brand. I've gotten the same 6550 tubes that go onto your MV60 from Upscale Audio. Depending on where you live they might be a little closer (California).
i would also recommend valve art tubes, very balanced in all respects.
Thanks guys... I definitely want to replace with stock tubes, so SED it is as I am perfectly happy with the sound of my CJ amp and system(VTL 2.5 pre-amp, Meridian 508.24, Proac 2 speakers).
I tried the Electroharmonix KT88. They have a more liquid sound, a slightly percentage of added resolution & detail They are equaly polite but the dont equal the Sed's on harmonic richness. Anyway, I liked very much what EH KT88 brings to the table, I say more than 6550.