Tubes for CJ EV-1 phono pre

My second set of tubes from CJ has finally expired, so I'm looking for suggestions and opinions on replacing the tubes for my CJ EV-1 phono pre. Tubes from CJ's stock sound just fine, but I'm not experienced at tube rolling, so should I order from CJ again as they recommend, or take a chance and seek else where? If you have tried tubes other then from CJ's stock on your CJ gear then please fill me in on your experience... I'd love to hear about it.
What tubes are in it?
If you are going to try Old Stock tubes you will pay a premium for gauranteed quiet performers. Otherwise finding "phono grade" tubes is a crapshoot.
Thanks Mechans. The tubes that are in it are:

two 12AX7's
one 5751
one 12AU7

Paying a premium is fine. Where are some good places to buy Old Stock tubes? ..Any recommendations?
I used to own the EV-1 and I used NOS Mullards (12AX7s and 12AU7) which sounded really nice. I think I used a NOS GE 5751. I bought all of these tubes from Upscale Audio. Get the platinum grade tubes and noise will not be a problem.
Thanks Mchd1.
I highly recommend dealers who scroupulously test there tubes for noise. Amongst them Upscale, Brent Jesse
(audiotubes) Tubeworld but very expensive, right here on Audiogon an exceptional dealer is Jim Sautter, I like Tubemonger as well. Although I haven't used him Andy at Vintage tube services consistently make his customers happy. If you want new production Jim McShane over on Audio Asylum will not sell you a bad tube.
Depends on your tastes really. For 12AX7 Old Mullards are great tubes that have a warm full tone. German tubes Telefunkens and Siemens tend to be very clean detailed and extended. I found the Old Tesla not JJ to be excellent no issue tubes. I have heard only good things about the Amperex but don't own them. Tungsram is another clean tube. BEL from India made some ARC stock tubes another decent tube.
For Modern Production much to my surprise Shuguang made a tube briefly then stopped it was called the C9 if you can get them try them crystalline sound. Otherwise the Tung Sol Re-issue is a fine all rounder.
For 12AU7s I found one outstanding variant that is well liked and in my view clearly a better tube it's the highly sought after 7316 only made by Amperex super imagery halography detail. They come up occasionally labeled for instrument makers like HP, Beckman. TVR2500 on Audio Asylum has them and is fair besides being a straight shooter. I use some Telefunken 802S intermittantly but they are unobtanium. Mullards have the house sound big tone very pleasant.
There is a basic dichotomy within old 5751s. Plenty has been written about these so do a search.Grey plates tend have a looser but prodigious bass in particular the GE triple mica. The older Blackplates are typically more refined and have taughter bass. The Sylvania Grey plate is a bit more constrained even the double mica. I use some Sylvania Gold Brand Grey plates 1960s for a little extra bass.
Most people like the older triple mica Blackplates from Sylvania which is impressive. These, GE Five Star, the RCA triple getter and Commands, and the rare Raytheon windmill getter (possibly top dog) are all great tubes. There is a fall of in quality in terms of sonics with recent production JANs from the 80s. Some seek out the early JAN and the early military tubes are fine. Curiously I haven't had a problem with microphonics
Call and talk to Andy at Vintage Tube Services. Discuss with him what you are looking for in the sound and listen to his suggestions. Great testing, quiet tubes and worth the purchase price for every tube I have bought from him. (616) 454-3467
Thanks again Mechans, I've been wanting to talk with Upscale Audio for some time. Thanks Drrsutliff, I will check out Vintage Tube Services, too.