Tubes for Cary SLP-05

Anyone using the Cary SLP-05 Pre-amp. I have owned this unit for almost 1 year, I am thinking of upgrading from the factory tubes to something more dynamic, with improved background quietness, more natual sounding. Any suggestions?

Hi Mitch,
You could go w/ the metal base Sylvania to get what you are looking for. I tried many 6sn7s and that was clearly the best.
Here are some other Sylvanias I have used and liked as much as the metal base and are a little cheaper. The 1952 tall bottle ("bad Boys") and the 6sn7W tall bottles. Which are pretty much the same as the metal base only plastic base. You can get some general info one the 6sn7s at
Also if you do a search on there is a huge thread on the 6sn7 tubes. Type in.... The reference 6sn7 thread...lots of good info.
I have enough 6SN7's to start my own shop :) I have Sylvania, RCA clear glass, RCA grey glass, Elektro-Harmonix Gold, Western Electric, and the cheap Chinese jobbies that came with the SLP-05.

The Western Electrics are the most dynamic - clean, quiet, and with a lot of slam. They can sound a little sterile and do not have as nice a tone as the RCA clear glass.

I also like the Sylvanias - a less romantic sound than the RCA (which can sound fat and slow with the wrong recordings), but my Sylvanias are noticably noisier than the other tubes.

Another tip for you - the biggest improvement can be gained from changing the input valves (the two valves on the far left). Do not bother changing the tubes on the far right as these are for the headphone stage.
Here are few combos of 6sn7s that I have used and think would meet what your looking for in sound.
Ken-Rad VT-231 (black glass) in front of Sylvania VT231s.
Sylvania 6sn7W metal base or black base tall bottle in front of sylvania 1952 tall bottle bad boys.
Ken-rad VT-231 (black glass) or 1952 bad boys(sylvania) in front of any of the sylvania 6sn7w tubes.(metal base, tall or short bottle) I've used these combos alot and have found them all very nice. I also like the TungSol roundplates and National Union Black glass alot but not sure if if these are what your looking for. Worth owning and trying though.
New Sensor sells replica of Tungsol 6sn7 but I did not auditioned these tubes and I wonder if anyone did?