Tubes for Cary sli80 integrted

hi friends .
after i read in the forum things about tubes for my cary sli80 i dont know what is the best tubes for my sli 80.
i m new in the tubes world so i dont know what kind of tubes is sound really good in my sli80.
i have the standart tubes that came with my sli80 'and i have devore fidelity nines speakers ,and cd of cary cdp1.
pls can u suggest me what will give me good sound stage to my speakers and vocally and not thin sound.
i hear music like rock country and others.
and if the 6922 sovtek tubes made in russia is good or not or better to put anothers tubes that give me alot better sound ? all i know that cary company put this tubes so they know what to choose or this is cheaper tubes that not will bring the sli80 to the amazing sounds ?
Four GE 6550, and you have a much better amp.
They are more musical than the current tubes, and they are a must if you listen to rock in this amp.

You can try other 6922 tubes and see what you like, I find the NOS to be a more interesting to listen then the current production.
Try some different tubes and decide for yourself.You are the only one that knows what sounds good to you,don't let anyone tell you otherwise.Most of the time asking someone else to choose tubes for you is like asking someone else to name your child for you,at first it seems ok then you think,what the hell did I do that for.Just my thoughts and opinions.Others,yourself included,may disagree,and that's perfectly fine.Good luck.
The stock tubes sound bad. You certainly can improve the sound by upgrading tubes. Which tubes to buy depends on the rest of your system and what kind of sound you want.
You should call Andy at "Vintage Tube Services" and see what he recommends. Good Luck!!
i have 6550 tubes so why u tell me to change it to "ge6550"
i have 6550 its not the same tubes that u mean or i wrong sorry ?
i dont have option to hear tubes i live in israel and i dont have acess to this kind of tubes what can i do?
and last thing who is andy how can i chat with him
If you look closely at my profile, you would understand that I am not a NEW YORKER too. :)
I had this amp for 3 years, and yes the tubes I was referring to are NOS General Electric 6550. They sound considerably different (to my ears better) from the stock 6550 the amp came with.
You can find them on the net

I bought from here
Great service.

Good luck.
I use a Cary SLI-80 in a secondary system and I found this tube compliment to work very well and is very musical.

2 ea - Amperex 7308 Input Buffer Preamp
2 ea - Sylvania 1952 6SN7GT "Bad Boys" Pre Driver/Phase Inverter
4 ea - Re-Issue Gold Lion KT88 Output Tubes
2 ea - GE 5U4 Rectifiers
My SLI-80 has been retubed similarly to Brf's. The main exception are SED Winged "C" EL34s run exclusively in triode mode. I have a set of the KT88s, too, but my Merlins (and my ears) prefer the extra warmth of the EL34s.
what u think about all the tubes to buy it new but the tubes will be of Elctro Harmonix tubes and kt88 too ?
the amperex 7308 are expensive to this averge amp so i will buy electo harmonix 6922
If I were re-tubing this amp on a budget I would invest in a quad of Gold Lion KT88 first which can be had for about $220 a quad. Next, I would look for a pair of JAN-CHS Sylvania 6SN7WGTA which can be had for about $100/pair. For the 6922, the EH gold are nice at $30/pr.. I would leave the recifier for later.
Again, mostly agree with Brf, especially with regard to the Gold Lion reproductions. They're hard to beat for the money.

My suggestion would be for better input tubes; IMO they make the second biggest difference after the power tubes. There are a lot of options in the 6922 family and you'll find there's almost as much disagreement on what's best.

Talk to some of the tube sellers and browse the Internet as there are a number of discussions and articles on the subject.

Rolling tubes can be a never ending quest and it's all about synergy between ALL the tubes in play, especially in an integrated.