Tubes for Canary 330 mkII mono's

I purchased a new pair of Canary 330 MKII's yesterday, I should get delivery next week.
The amps ship without 300b's but ship with 6sn7gtb's and 5u4gb's.
I have 2 pairs of KR 300b bxls , test tube shape and not the new s shaped that I plan on using .
Can anyone comment on how the KR's will sound ?
The dealer recommended EH 300b's gold pins.
I would also like recommendations for 6sn7gtb's and 5u4gb's .
I have Coincident Total Victory IV Loudspeakers and any comments or suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you,
Congratulations on buying a very nicely made set of tube amps, John makes about the best built tube amps I've ever seen. I have had a few of them through here and will get a set of CA 160's soon.

Your KR tubes will sound excellent I'm sure - why not try them first before you go tube rolling.

Happy 4th of July

In all likelyhood you will be able to use 6SN7GT, -GTAs, and -GTBs.
The first couple I would recommend rolling are Sylvania GTB and RCA GTB (not coin base). If you get the green light on GTs they are generally better. Once you can tell us what sonic attribute you most desire then I can recommend others.
I use Sylvania Ws which predate the GTs even and were made for a good period of time. They sell at a premium but are almost always available if you can stand the risk of eBay buying.
I have a pretty large collection of other 6SN7s and have tried virtually all I own. The Sylvania GTs you want to get, if permitted, are either the bottom getter VT231 2 rivet hole or 3 rivet hole plate "bad Boy" or the top getter early GTs or Ws with opposed T plate 3 hole Chrome Dome type. The chrome dome have heavy getter flashing running approx 1/3 to 2/3 down the tube. I just bought some more GTAs with that same construction, they are a worthy sleeper. If you buy the Sylvania GTB get the ones with the green printing on the black base.
There are tons of variants as you will discover. I would avoid the nearest Euro equivalents ECC32 ECC33 CV181 CV1988 until you know if they are in compliance with your amp. I don't know much about the KR or the rectifier so someone else will have to help you with that.
Thank you Peter and Mechans for the response.

Are you using Canary amps ?
I don't know what you mean by "coin base " ?
Do you mean a metal base ?

I'll listen to the amps for 50 hrs and then post any questions.
I like being closer to the stage, if the auditorium has 20 rows , I would like to be in row 5-6 with good seperation .

There is a post at Arthur Salvatore's wedsite about someone using Canary 339's with EH 300b's and 1960 Mullard CV 378 rectifiers and 1952 Sylvania 6SN7WGT .
And the sound is breathtaking .
I need two pairs of each type of tubes so I want to be careful getting the correct tubes. I know tubes can get expensive very fast.


No I am not using Canary's, that's why I was cautioning you about the GTB vs the GT's and GTA's. If Authur Salvatore can use WGTs then you can use almost any type you want.
Coin base is a thin black plastic base found on recent/late 70's GTBs. It resembles a poker chip or about the thickness of a coin.
The concert hall sound stage you want may be found if you use the Sylvania GTs. I would guess that you'll end up with W's after doing some experimenting or"rolling" which is the only way to know if you have nailed the sonic you want. If you want to try the WGTs (which have T shaped opposing 3 hole black plates architecture and a brown base with green lettering) be careful not to buy the WGTA which is generally thought to be somewhat inferior. They have very good imaging, are very detailed and are fast.
Thank you for the detailed info Mechans, I'll look for the WGT's