Tubes for base

I have 2 amps - 1 for top end and 1 for base. I'm happy with the top end but I'm always looking for a little more base. I have a Llano Trinity amp which uses 1 tube per side at the output stage. The amp takes a variaty of tubes (too mant to list). What ya got?
It's Bass!, and you need to get a subwoofer or two.
Does it like 845s that is a bassy tube. Subs are not heard they are felt if you want bass get an SS amp and lose the imagery the halographic crystaline beauty out of your system or maybe buy an external x-over and bi amp with an old "all class A" none of these plataeu business amps, get a real cooker.If I wanted you to be an AB amp I would have bought one. Why let the manufacturer say when it will be switching over to a/b and not even tell you. Who let them get away with a class A claim not to mention twice the price.
Just don't let anyone go near it . Or for that matter open the top and touch the lethal voltage tranny leads etc.
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yep.. It's subering time.

Tubes will never give you what a sub will.

All your base are belong to us.
If any in your gear are possibly made by Amperex or Tungsol... try those.
Tubes wont make a good bases.
I tried to make an amp stand from tubes- not a good base idea.
I have to agree with the subwoofer idea - and I DO hear subs, actually can hear down to 25 hz easily (high end is a different problem).

Having said that, I just replaced some Matsushita's in my Monarchy tube DAC and replaced them with Amperex (Holland) 6DJ8's. I do notice an increase in bass response, and also a slight rolloff of high frequencies. The tubes are new so that may change. My experience is that some tubes do favor bass.

Here is what I recommend:
Use the tube the drive the top end as you are doing, but get a Solid State amp to drive the bottom end. I highly recommend that you use an electronic crossover in this bi-amp configuration. I am currently using this configuration:
McIntosh MC402 to drive the bottom end of my Legacy Audio Focus 20/20 speakers, Audio Space Nova M-34 tube power amp to drive the top end, with a Dahlquist electronic crossover. I am getting all the bass I want, no need for me to get a stand alone subwoofer.
Did you try upgrading your power chords to improve your base?