Tubes for Ayon CD2s

I'm plannig to buy a set of tubes for Ayon CD2s player.
"Factory" tubes are Sovtek 6H30Pi. Has someone tried cryoed Sovtek's instead? Are they superior in this application, any advantage over the not treated ones?
The NOS 6H30 DR are a bit on the expensive side.

Since no one else has chimmed in.I have had good luck with Electro Harmonix in most applications and they are a good value. I have no experience with cryo'ed tubes.
I will say that in my Ayon CD5s the 1980 NOS 6H30 DR's made wonderful difference but as you say expensive. Parts Connextion PCX sell 1986 NOS 6H30 DRs for about 100 bucks each (1/3 the cost of 1980s) and from what I hear PCX feels they sound as good as the 1980's.
Hope this helps and that you are enjoying your unit!
Thanks for your suggestions. I enjoy the player very much, I gave up on my Accu player. It's a completely different animal and Ayon suits my taste much better.
Jkuc, I agree with Czbbcl and can recommend the EH Gold pins which are great sounding tubes. Check out who are a good source of cryo-treated Gold pins. If you find the DR's a bit on the expensive side, these tubes could be the answer & are only $36.99!