Tubes for ARC LS15 Preamp

I've read a lot of comments re: upgrading the tubes that are issued with the LS15. It's time for me to replace mine and was wondering if I should replace with a different brand. Can anyone make a suggestion? I am using a SS ARC 100.2 amp if that makes a difference.

I am in exactly the same situation as you, so I will be very interested in reading your responses.

Good luck,

I don't know if this will help but I bought a LS-25 about a month ago and have tried 3 different tube set in it (the original Sovtech(sorry about he spelling), Phillip's JAN's6922 and some Tungsram's ECC88 I think.
The Tungsram's are by far the best sounding top to bottom. The stock tubes aren't to bad and the Phillips were the worst(a distance third). I was supprised by the poor sound of the Philips as these have been recommend by some other people.
I have had good results on retubing my SP9 and later my
LS22 with Upscale Audio.(You can visit their website to get phone number.
I have an ARC LS15 with Solvtek tubes. It's horrible sound, the mid sometime hollow. It's missing something in the middle od soundstage. I recently replaced with two Amperex 6922 PQ and two Amerex 6dj8 buggleboy. The sound is heaven. Way way better than Jan Phillips 6922 and the stock tube Solvtek. Huge, wide soundstage. I recommend if you can find some Amperex tube somewhere in e-bay, 6dj8 is okey too. This would be the vast improvement. I paid mine for total of $45. $30 for Amperex 6922 PQ and $15 for the two buggleboy. To me the 6922 and 6dj8 sound about the same. The 6dj8 buggleboy has more bottom and punch.

I bought new tubes for my LS-15 when I had it from Upscale Audio. I got Siemens 7308 gold pins--exquisite! Not cheap but much better than the Sovteks the preamp came with.