Tubes for Antique Sound Labs 805 DT Mono Block Amp


I have just purchased the Antique Sound Labs 805 DT Mono Block Power Amplifiers, and I was hoping to get some advice on tube rolling. Specifically, I would like to find some NOS 805 tubes? 6L6 tubes? 12ax7 tubes. Where is a good place to buy these tubes. Thanks in advance.



P.S. Great amps!
The worst I can say about Chris is that sometimes he's too busy to respond quickly to e-mails and that he seems a bit disorganized often--perhaps the result to being too busy and now with a very pregnant wife/partner. He's done everthing he said he would.

Gruk, I hope you get your issue resolved.
To show you how busy he is, he'll travel from Sac all the way down to San Diego to deliver and do an installation...alone.
Jmorey, I finally compared the 2 amps, one stock and one modified.

The modified amp is less edgy/grainy/gritty sounding when reproducing the sounds of instruments with a lot of high-frequency harmonics, such as massed violins. Also, the modded amp retains spacial and instrumental decay better/longer, so I expect the soundstage will be larger in stereo. Definitely an improvement, even to this tin-eared audiofool.

Have finally found some suitable high-voltage caps--ASC oil-filled 'propylenes from Michael Percy--to replace half of the PS 'lytics with. (Have already replaced all the 'lytic decouplers with composite 'propylenes.)