Tubes for Antique Sound Labs 805 DT Mono Block Amp


I have just purchased the Antique Sound Labs 805 DT Mono Block Power Amplifiers, and I was hoping to get some advice on tube rolling. Specifically, I would like to find some NOS 805 tubes? 6L6 tubes? 12ax7 tubes. Where is a good place to buy these tubes. Thanks in advance.



P.S. Great amps!

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Even though I don't know the intimate details of your claim, how can you prove what you say is true? Last year you gave me some erroneous negative FB(To the tune of $5300) which caused me problems. To this day, I can't get it erased because the dispute process has to be followed even though you've printed a retraction. Kipp has spent years building his business. Prove your case.
To show you how busy he is, he'll travel from Sac all the way down to San Diego to deliver and do an installation...alone.