Tubes for Anthem gear

I just purchased a new Anthem Amp1 and Pre2L through Audiogon. Once they (and my ears) settle in, I would like to experiment with different tubes in them. Does anyone who has owned (and/or sold) these units have any insight into which new or NOS tubes work well with them, or Anthem gear in general? I'd like to know what different tubes may sound like with this gear, and if there are any brands/lines/models which are generally compatible. Thanks in advance, Steve
Call or Email Frank at The Parts Connection they have some NOS tube upgrades for thier gear.
I have the Amperex 7308's in a pre1L and am using telefunken smooth plate 12ax7 and RCA black plate 12au7's in the amp. Sounds better than stock--better midrange, smoother highs. They say the Sovtek 12ax7lps (if I have that right)--their new 12ax7 is a very good tube for the money. The phillips 12au7's aren't that great, so replacing them with just about anything would help some. For the 6922--almost anything with gold pins is worth a try. 7308 tubes are supposed to have matched segments, so matching isn't as critical with those tubes.
CHange the Svet's EL34 to the Sovtek EL34 EH tubes. Sounds much better! the Svets are too heavy for my taste.