Tubes at Best Buy. Yes, it's true.

Hey guys. I was looking up a nice cheap budget system
that could fit in my aunt's new cabinet and came across
a Philips mini system with tubes in it. What they
didn't mention was what kind of tubes, replacements,
Tubes at Best Buy. Who woulda thunk!?!?!?!?
I have got to hand it to Philips, two years ago we had a mini system from them on the shelf that had a ribbon tweeter. The system also had a seperate amp, preamp/tuner and cd player that were stacked similiar to a hi-fi system.
I saw that same thing at "The Sharper Image"
I was reclining in the massage chair and my eye happened to catch the word "tube" on the box...i had to stop the massage (it was a good one) to ask the sales guy, hey are those vacuum tubes in there? He was all wild-eyed and had no idea what I just said...i had to explain...and sure enough he took me over to the display unit and bam there were what appeard to be small signal tubes in the front, behind some cheesy clear plastic....they even used the word 'audiophile' on the box description...maybe we have a chance yet in the market...c'mon hi rez downloads!!
Has anyone ever taken one of these apart.??

Considering we are talking about a mass production item, I wonder if the player is actually solid state and the tube is only lit (like a light bulb) separately, and is not part of the music circuit.

In others words, the tube could be cosmetic just to make it look cool(??)
(Especially the Sharper Image One.)
I'm just waiting for the post that proclaims that these tube units from Best Buy and the Sharper Image, "BLOWS THE DOORS OFF" Krell, Pass, Rowland, Levinson, Halcro, etc..
Yea Unsound and add "Competes very favorably with my Bose reference system"
All sarcasm, London Drugs here in Canada has been marketing the Vuum tube amp with iPod dock for couple of years now with surprising success.
I've been the proud owner of the Sharper image unit since I heard it at an audiophile neighbor's house. It literally blew the doors off my VTL Wotans, and I've never looked back. It currently drives 8 pair of Bose 901s...sounds great!
( There's the manual. (,39029994,49295334,00.htm) there's a review. I suppose when they say, "built in" tubes, that's what they mean. No indication that they are removable anywhere in the manual (or what they might be). I suppose imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I hope this doesn't ruin anyone to the use of tubed equipment(bad first impressions seldom fade easily).
Where do they stock the NOS Telfunkens, across from the
Karaoke machines. Well, I did see a small selection of
turntables last time in, better than nothing I guess.
Just downloaded the Adobe Philips MCD908 Op/Man [48 pages], and there is no mention of what the tubes are, just an explanation of "the golden age of hi-fi", and the more pleasing sound of tubes. However, this is unit is a "Home Theater" set-up [2 channel DVD...but no HDMI output]. Also, it features CLASS D amplification...oh oh! Not that there's anything wrong with a properly executed class-D circuit...but at Best Buy, better grab your your butt-cheeks!
$500 for the complete system (street price), seems reasonable to me for casual listening. Compare/contrast this system vs. the B&W Zeppelin at $600 and I think Philips has a winner on their hands.
hey sugarbrie: i thought the same thing when i first
saw the vincent equipment in the audio mags: a single tube smack dab in the face panel behind a circle glass (i think)panel. i just thought it looked out of place.
but what do i know?
They are selling Vienna Acoustics speakers. Look at their website. SPOOKY